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Frank Breuninger
Frank Breuninger

Frank Breuninger


Birthday: 01.12

Musical influences: Beatles, Scorpions, Kiss, Status Quo, Queen

Favorite song by DARK SKY: Eternity, Food For A Million and the complete new album

Favorite music: Melodic Metal

The first record / CD purchased: Bee Gees Tragedy (Single)

Last purchased record / CD: Kissin Dynamite - Not The End Of The Road

Best concerts I have ever seen: Monsters of Rock, Nuremberg 1986; EUROPE, Friedrichshafen 1989

Worst concert I've ever seen: -

Favorite actor: Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston

Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings

Best series: Breaking Bad

Most popular game: NHL 21

Recommended books: Bible

Hobbies: Running, Cycling, Hockey, Playstation

Favorite food: vegetarian

Favorite drink: Beer & Coffee

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