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Dark Sky Band

Dark Sky is a German melodic metal band that had its first performances as a school band in Rottweil in Baden-Württemberg in 1982. One of the greatest successes in the early years of Dark Sky was winning the nationwide contest "Das Sprungbrett" in Wenden in Sauerland, with the title "Eternity". A song that still has its place in Dark Sky's live program.
The band has since released five studio albums and one live DVD/CD. In addition to major festivals and concerts with well-known bands such as the Scorpions, Europe, Status Quo or Doro, Dark Sky have toured Europe with international bands such as Thunder, Magnum and Treat.
The sound of Dark Sky is characterized by melodic, anthem-like and rock sounds that inspire their fans. The music expresses emotions and brings energy and passion to the stage.
After the release of the live DVD / CD "Once" and the subsequent European tour with Treat at the end of 2018, several long-standing band members went into musical retirement. But the gaps could be closed by experienced musicians and the new band members give Dark Sky its own fresh touch.
Despite the challenges over the past few years, Dark Sky have never lost their passion for music and are constantly working on new songs and projects. With the release of their new CD in July 2023, a new milestone for the band is imminent. The first single from the album, titled "Heroes On Ice", will be released on March 03, 2023 with a music video.



With frontman Frank Breuninger, DARK SKY has an enthusiastic ice hockey fan in the band who is closely connected to ice hockey with his whole family. After DARK SKY have already composed soundtracks for introductory trailers and a fan song for the ice hockey audience in recent years, the band has now passionately produced a song dedicated to the heroes on the ice.


Frank Breuninger about the song

"Heroes On Ice"


"Heroes On Ice" is a very emotional and powerful anthem that captures the enthusiasm and dedication to ice hockey. The song's rhythm pulsates with an energy and speed experienced on the ice, and the lyrics reflect a deep respect for the players that is always sharedr sacrificially throw the puck and opponents. Ewhether you're a hockey fan or just a lover of strong, emotional music, you definitely shouldn't miss "Heroes On Ice". It is a song that pulls you along and whose power and emotion you will feel long after the last note.


Stefan Grimm about the song

"Sings Of The Time"


Recognize the signs of the times! 
Sometimes things come up that you don't expect. Sometimes things come that you wish for. Things change throughout life. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But you must never give up fighting for what you want!  

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